Merchant Services Consulting

Facing These Problems?

  • Checks Bouncing
  • Getting Scammed
  • Processing Payments Manually
  • Getting Blacklisted
  • Crypto Values Fluctuating

You don’t have to have your customers go through complicated payment methods anymore. We can advise you on how to avoid all of your current processing nightmares.

Here’s Our Solutions – The 4 C’s

We have years of experience in the High Risk space and can help scale your startup or 7+ Figure business.

Credit Cards

Accept Visa & Mastercard

Stop having your customers manually jump through hoops that kill conversion rates. Start accepting Visa & Mastercard.


Accept eChecks

A safe process that protects you from customer mistakes and scammers. Our eCheck system is best-in-class.


Increase Customer LTV

We can help implement the correct processes to increase your Customer Lifetime Value and scale your business properly.


Scale Your Business

Scale your business by drastically increasing your conversion rate of new customers with our guidance. We’ve been in the trenches and can share our insights.

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How It Works


FREE Consultation Call

Hop on a quick call with us to figure out how we can connect you with industry specific payment processors

Systems Set Up

We will help set up the systems you need to start accepting payments on your online store.

Accept Payments, Legitimately

Sit back and relax knowing your customers now have a simple and easy way to pay you.

The Best Way to Accept Money

Whether you have a startup or a 7+ figure business, you will benefit from our guidance on how to accept credit cards and echecks for your business.

Scale Your Business Today.

A Permanent Solution To Accept Credit Cards & Verified eChecks.